You’ve done the work to change yourself and your organization. Now’s your turn to change the world.

When sustainability is viewed as a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.
Niall Fitzgerald

Our Vision

With collective and concerted action, our biggest planetary challenges can be addressed effectively. Having impact is vital in achieving better outcomes not just for individuals, but for our human community. We create solutions that work for everyone on the planet.

We co-create social impact with organizations who are unafraid to dream big and take bold action – companies who see opportunity and possibility where others see difficulty and threat.  

Our Offering

Social Impact accelerator

In our Social Impact Accelerator Program (SIA), we bring people together inside a new narrative for social change. We begin by creating new realities through “rapid cycle prototyping,” testing new ideas for social impact with small audiences, and, once a prototype is validated, expand into greater impact by scaling to bigger audiences. These prototypes then become part of a new narrative.

The first phase of the SIA program is designed to welcome and initiate participants into a new narrative for social change. Further phases build on validating prototypes to scale and significantly expanding the scope of social impact at the level a company intends to operate.

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Our Team

Uli Mueller

Transformational Leader
developing holistic leaders

Steve Hardacre

Visionary Leader
creating purposeful impact

Karen Tax

Inspirational Leader
building meaningful experiences

Together as a team, we evolve businesses to co-create transformational leadership, collective synergy, and bold social impact. 

Sustainable leadership does not compromise the future by expanding and accelerating too quickly in the present.
andy hargreaves

Connect with Us

We are building a community of corporate change makers.

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