Businesses are in a unique position to uplevel themselves and impact the ecosystems they serve.

When sustainability is viewed as a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.
Niall Fitzgerald

Our Vision

Our aspiration is to partner with businesses who are unafraid to dream big and take bold action to co-create whole systems environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.

We believe that with collective and concerted action our biggest planetary challenges can be addressed to achieve better outcomes for all. While not perfect, we are committed to contributing to the evolution of ESGs to create higher return on inspiration, investment, & impact (ROI3) for people, businesses and communities.

Our Offerings

Our ESG work co-creates new narratives and approaches with businesses to achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transformation resulting in higher interconnectivity between the 4 Ps: People, Purpose, Planet, and Prosperity.


Entrepreneurs and businesses are the lifeblood of society. Companies are in a unique position to contribute to a positive future for humanity and the planet.

  • ESG Activation Assessment: For senior leaders who want to start or deepen their ESG impact.
  • Strategic ESG Impact: For ESG-ready organizations to create a map that holistically embeds ESGs into your business.
  • Uplevel Your Culture: Expand your organizational agility to deliver your strategic ESG roadmap building on your core strengths.
  • ESG Influence: Become part of a vibrant ESG community.
esg consulting


Change starts with each of us. We offer coaching for individuals, leaders and teams from an integrated, whole systems perspective connected to the 4 Ps.

  • Individual Coaching: Become future ready and uplevel your leadership capacity
  • Team Coaching: Tap your team’s collective intelligence, generate greater creativity and alignment
  • Group Coaching: With other leaders, bolster leadership across your organization and build bench strength
  • Self-Directed Coaching: Unhook from reactivity and experience your full creativity and holistic leadership
executive coaching

ESG Accelerator Program

Successful ESG implementation taps into what matters most to people. It results in higher engagement and better performance. We work with select groups in your organization to:

  1. prototype* new ideas and approaches to create ESG impacts that matter to participants and are aligned with your company’s strategic ESG  initiatives,


  1. amplify the effectiveness of existing ESG programs to enhance the return on inspiration, investment, & impact (ROI3) across your whole system.

*Prototyping is an approach to solve complex challenges by testing new ideas and approaches locally that can be scaled if successful.

esg accelerator

Our Team

Uli Mueller

Transformational Leader
developing holistic leaders

Steve Hardacre

Visionary Leader
creating purposeful impact

Karen Tax

Inspirational Leader
building meaningful experiences

Together as a team, we evolve businesses to co-create transformational leadership, collective synergy, and bold social impact. 

More About Us
Sustainable leadership does not compromise the future by expanding and accelerating too quickly in the present.
andy hargreaves

Connect with Us

We are building a community of corporate change makers.

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