Our Values

principles that guide our culture

The values we cultivate at QNTM help us stand on the leading edge of humanity’s transformation so we can live in harmony with our planet, and change the way we work and live so everyone can show up as their best.

value no. 1

Growth & Development

We see possibility in everything. Every obstacle is  an opportunity to discover a hidden treasure and develop our selves both individually and collectively.

value no. 2


We believe that with collective and concerted action, our biggest planetary challenges will get addressed with velocity. Having impact is vital in achieving better outcomes not just for individuals, but for our human community.

value no. 3

Love & Compassion

We believe that love & compassion are like water: They are more powerful and irresistible than any of the other emotions. 

value no. 4


Because human beings are fundamentally social animals, we believe action taken by a single individual only goes so far. United action, however, can unleash the unlimited possibility of what we as humans can accomplish.

value no. 5

adventure & Exploration

We believe in exploring the limits of everything from spirituality to physicality; from intellect to emotion. In adventure, we are fully alive. In exploration, we are in flow.

We’re excited to explore what’s possible with you.

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