coaching transforms your biggest challenges into


You’re a business leader who’s awakened to the need for profound and pragmatic change in uncertain times.

Our coaching will get you there.

Tackle Your Greatest Leadership


Together, hand-in-hand, we will design a customized program to take on the trials modern leaders just like you are facing every day.

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Overwhelm and

…due to the volatility, complexity, and ambiguity showing up in all areas of your life: your business, your personal life, and your community

Not enough talent, time, or finances

…because you’re caught in meetings,  emails, and firefighting. As a result, you’re not focusing on the right things and don’t have time to explore new possibilities

Not enough time for strategy

…because you’re caught in never-ending meetings, emails, and firefighting — you’re not focusing on the right things 

Lack of teamwork and engagement

…caused by silos that never seem to go away despite your best attempts to create an inclusive culture for everyone on your team

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s an inspiring one.

The Future is Now

Today you’re faced with ever more complexity and the rules and rule makers are changing:

Complexity and

Social & political tension, market volatility, climate emergencies

redefining the

Relationship dynamics between employees and employers are in flux

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Demands on leaders like you for ESG transparency in reporting

A “return to normal” is now a pipe dream and we see these challenges as magnificent opportunities for bold leaders to be future-ready and resilient. 

evolve your business through Coaching so you can

see Possibility in everything


awakening & aligning yourself and your colleagues to create impact


activating your team’s full potential in a thriving work environment


acting in life-affirming ways that replenish natural resources


generating abundance across all areas of our lives

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
peter Drucker

yOur coaches

Uli Mueller

uplevels your leadership flow

Steve Hardacre

magnifies your genius

Together as a team, we co-create transformational leaders, collective synergy, and bold environmental & social impact.

More About Us

realize your boldest


Our coaches have decades of experience in helping holistic leaders just like you create new opportunities in uncertain times. We create the conditions for leaders to transform from being overwhelmed to future-ready — achieving big, bold outcomes.

You already know that chasing traditional measures of success only goes so far. We’ll help you create new opportunities that also include:

  • mental agility
  • emotional resilience
  • collective intelligence

When you work with a QNTM coach, you’ll have your own personal ally and trusted advisor, whose only job is to be there for you and help you thrive in your leadership role and personal life.

Imagine being an effective leader who creates an organization that functions as a living system — one that is:

  • constantly learning and evolving
  • resilient and self-corrects organically
  • continually adapts to changes to its environment

Show Up As Your Best Self

By working with your QNTM coach, you’ll transform from:

Wasting away your talent
illuminating your “why
Feeling tired all the time
increasing your energy
Overwhelmed by conflict
solving challenges with grace
Getting stuck in drama
moving with conscious leadership
Coping with an inefficient team
creating an empowered culture
Steve’s approach helps team members progress in self-actualization and achieve more meaningful contribution to the team. In a decade of collaborating with Steve — and across many projects with multiple subsidiaries — my teams have come away with practical roadmaps that are not one-and-done, but  instead working products that guide us to the next milestones.
pharma executive

Made for You

We have various offerings to suit your specific needs:

Individual Coaching

for 1:1 attention

Become future ready and uplevel your leadership capacity

  • 6-12 months
  • 2 coaching sessions per month
  • Pick-up calls as needed
  • Address goals and scope of work
  • Assessments as needed
  • Customized learning offerings
  • Review of materials

Team Coaching

within your company

Tap your team’s collective intelligence, generate greater creativity and alignment

  • 6-12 months
  • Team kick-off meeting
  • Alignment sessions
  • Team sessions with your team
  • 1:1 coaching sessions just for you

group Coaching

with other leaders

Bolster leadership across your organization and build bench strength

  • 8 weeks
  • 2.5 hours per week
  • Online learning to shift out of reactivity and establish inner game capacity
  • Develop skills as needed
  • Game plan for ongoing development and leadership

self-directed course

in holistic leadership

Unhook from reactivity and experience your full creativity

  • 8 weeks
  • Weekly audio lessons
  • Online learning to guide you from reaction to inspired action
  • Workbook to help you personalize course concepts
  • Mindfulness lessons & practices

Not sure which package is right for you? Let’s talk.

Schedule a call with us to let us know where you stand now and where you’d like to go. We’ll find the right fit for you — even if we have to refer you to another coaching team who’d be a better fit for you.