evolve your business and 

Maximize Your ESG Impact

You’re successful, and ready to create holistic and tangible ESG (environmental, social, and governance) results for your business, your stakeholders, and the communities you are a part of. 

Tackle Your Greatest Business


You’re finding it difficult to navigate the complex challenges of how to create real and positive ESG impacts. Like knowing how to…

Inspire purposeful action across your whole organization

Identify meaningful internal and external ESG metrics

Fit ESGs into your business strategy organically & authentically

Demonstrate the ROI3* of ESGs and go beyond complying with market expectations

Embed ESG awareness in everything you do

*ROI3: Return on impact, inspiration & investment
The activist does not say the river is dirty. 
The activist cleans up the river.
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Whole Systems ESG Consulting

Partner with us on your ESG initiative, and you’ll gain:

A Unified

A shared purpose & goals uniting and re-energizing employees and the business behind what matters most

A Strategic

A clear trajectory for the whole business meaningfully incorporating ESGs 


All unique systems and processes are enhanced to support the evolution of your business

An Agile

Capacity to execute toward strategic outcomes within the context of constant change and uncertainty


Leveraging your business success and your people to create innovative environmental, social, and governance impact 

We work with you through your ESG challenges and business limitations

If you’re like most leaders, you’re thinking about ESGs in this way:

How much will it truly cost to implement ESGs? 

What is the minimum we can do without negatively impacting our business?

What will the ROI of ESGs be? Will there even be any?

How can I communicate the value of ESGs to stakeholders

Yes, these factors need to be considered. But if we stop there, we won’t move into the true strategic opportunity ESGs provide.

“When we undertook strategic planning, we appreciated Uli’s outstanding contribution. It changed our culture, how people thought about our work, and shifted the creative thinking behind the work we do. Uli kept us on track. She brought thought leadership and terrific guidance that were instrumental to our success. Thanks for getting it done Uli!”
Russ Drinker
West Coast Director of Science & Technology
Flad Architects

With QNTM by your side, we’ll help you fully live your values and aspirations by embedding ESG impact into your 4 Ps:


awakening & aligning yourself and your colleagues to create impact


activating your team’s full potential in a thriving work environment


acting in life-affirming ways that replenish natural resources


generating abundance across all areas of our lives

ESG Consulting Packages

We co-create new approaches with you to achieve ESG transformation that results in higher interconnectivity between People, Purpose, Planet, and Prosperity (the 4 Ps).

Our consulting works by a multiplier effect:

your esg
our strategic consulting & coaching
our whole systems expertise 

ESG Activation Assessment

For senior leaders who want to start or deepen their ESG impact

  • Determine your current stage of ESG evolution 
  • Discover strategic opportunities for increased ROI3
  • Engage key stakeholders in new possibilities for meaning, wholeness, ROI3

Strategic ESG Roadmap

For ESG-ready organizations

  • Represent your business as the living system it is
  • Crystalize your uniqueness, culture, purpose & aspirations of ESG impact, and stakeholders
  • Create your ESG implementation plan

Level Up Your Culture

Expand your agility and deliver your strategic ESG roadmap

  • Let what deeply matters inform what you do 
  • Create the conditions to tap your collective intelligence
  • Integrate ESG goals with your organization’s processes, systems, and assets

Sustainable ESG Influence

Join a vibrant ESG community to expand knowledge, learning, and influence

  • Inspire and influence other business people
  • Learn from ESG leaders in other industries
  • Optimize your ESG investments 

Not sure which package is right for you? Let’s talk.

Schedule a call with us to let us know where you stand now and where you’d like to go. We’ll find the right fit for you — even if we have to refer you to another consulting team who’d be a better fit for you.